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Aisling; (Ash-Ling) Irish Dream

Chardonnay. Clear starbright wine that is very pale in color. 

Nose: Gentle citrus aromas with tropical fruit flavors with a touch of oak.

Taste: Rich mouthfeel with vanilla undertones. A dry wine with a hint of oak, medium-full body


Black Velvet

Cabernet Sauvignon. Visually clear and garnet in color.

Nose: Dried strawberry jumps out followed by cherry Chapstick.

Taste: Blackberry, licorice and dark chocolate with a hint of smoke. Current ripe berry preserves dipped in a bit of chocolate. Soft mouthfeel. Off dry, low to medium tannin and acidity, full body with 2-4 seconds on the finish. 

Food: Pizza! Roasted or barbequed chicken, grilled salmon, pasta with simple red  sauce



American Merlot. Sight reveals a deeper, more intense color of ruby, nearly opaque

Nose: Mix of plum and raspberry with savory spice, smooth tannins. Mixed with some herbal, earthy note.

Taste: A blend of plum and raspberry with savory spice, smooth tannins. Creating a lush and polished texture, full body with a heavy oak taste. 


Southern Belle

Peach Wine. Color is pale straw, clear.

Nose: Peach pie with fresh whipped cream along with butterscotch.

Taste: Delicious peach and apricot is an irresistibly refreshing experience. A very sweet wine with notes of ripe/overripe and cooked or baked fruit. This is peach cobbler in a glass. Medium + body, medium – acidity with a 2-4 second finish with a high level of sweetness but not enough to be “technically” considered a dessert wine.

Food: Wonderful with strong cheeses such as blue, gorgonzola or stilton in addition to fresh or dried fruit and nuts. Fruit desserts made with peaches, apricots, pears and apples would be a nice complement


Sun Set

Strawberry Wine. Appearance is clear, very pale cranberry or dark salmon color.

Nose: Pleasing pretty scent of black currant and bits of chocolate with a freshness to it.

Taste: Liquified strawberry/raspberry fruit rollup. A dry medium body, low acidity. 

Food: Pork tenderloin with a berry glaze, shrimp etoufee or gumbo, mushrooms, thanksgiving turkey with cranberry sauce


Tropical Paradise

Coconut Wine. Wine is daybright, clear and pale straw in color

Nose: Tropical fruit comes across with the emphasis on coconut with a hint of banana. Reminiscent of lake/beach days and old school tanning oil.

Taste: Coconut, Japanese Yuzu (Yoo-zoo) Pinot Gris flavor creates a tropical splash hint of lime. The tastes is a cross between a lemon, mandarin & grapefruit, it’s sourness and acidity plays well against the coconut creating the sweetness of Island Mist. Medium minus acidity, medium plus sweetness, medium to medium minus body with a 2-4 second finish.

Food: Spicy- Tex-Mex, Asian-Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and in particular, curries. Also matches well with cheeses such as gouda, muenster or swiss


Our Wine

Our wine is as authentic as it gets. And after being fermented in the best available base from around the country our Vintner curates the taste to perfection. Each wine is individually bottled and labeled by hand. 


This is our Vintner’s personal favorite wine. And is currently in refinement for production. Made from the juices of the herbaceous perennial Rhubarb fruit. Our Vintner discovered this wine in an Amish colony on one of his many trips across America.

Rhubarb Wine. An opaque medium brown , like sherry, light bodied  rose/red wine

Nose: a very unique fresh herb scent.

Taste: Slightly sweet but not to sweet.

Food: Fermented to blend with a (nutty) Provolone, Mozzarella Cheeses & will pair well with White meats, also fresh Fish, Shellfish and could accent your red or cured meats.  

note: this wine is still in development and has not yet been vetted by our Sommelier.

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Black Spot

Black Spot is a limited production dark wine with a caribbean spirit. Producing, bottling and hand numbering less than thousand Bottles available for purchase each year.