BlackSpot is a “Dark wine with a Caribbean Spirit” . BlackSpot is meticulously produced, with rip cherry, blackberry, and plum. Accented with vanilla and spice, finished with smoked oak. Then bottled, labeled and hand numbered. From start to finish, by one person, our own Vintner with the guidance of our select Sommelier. This process insures this Limited Edition wine will produce the desired taste and Quality we demand.


BlackSpot is our Vintner’s personal wine. It is specifically blended  to go with surf and turf on the grill. It is fermented to be a med-full bodied red wine, with a hint of rum taste and charred oak barrel flavor. BlackSpot will pair well with a Nutty Hard cheeses as well as a Fruity or Dry, Salty Umami (besides sweet) Cheese. And will accent white & red meats along with Barbecue, Teriyaki, or Vinegar marinades. All the ingredients of this wine are sourced from exclusive Italian vineyards. 

BlackSpot is that wine you will celebrate special occasions with or just when you want to savor the moment.

Black Spot is a limited production Fine wine. Producing, bottling and hand numbering only one thousand Bottles available for purchase each year.